Quality Mulch, Concrete & Recycled Products

Crushing & Grinding

GreenRock Crushes or Grinds all accepted materials on site with our own equipment. Crushing concrete allows us to produce our own DOT Certified RCA (Recycled Concrete Aggregate), a highly compactable base material. RCA is a great base for roads, driveways, trenches, walkways and sheds etc. RCA is roughly half the price of stone products purchased from a quarry and can be picked or delivered from our facility.

Our new Kleemann MR110Zi EVO 2 Crusher makes a very nice, clean RCA that compacts well, looks like 1-1/2” minus DGA, yet is less than half the price. Stop in to see our RCA at 3 Frontage Road, Clinton.

Crushing broken asphalt into millings or RAP is mainly used as a base material which when sealed or paved over is also highly compactable and affordable.

Grinding our own natural wood without using pallets allows us to produce the highest quality mulch in the area. Using power to dye our Brown and Black mulches means the color is richer and stays longer. Grinding our natural root mulch instead of importing it lets us control the texture and length of time it stays on site.

Please stop in anytime and check out all our materials or call Mike or Brian with any questions about delivery or volume discounts!