Quality Mulch, Concrete & Recycled Products

Mulch/Landscape Supplies

GreenRock Recycling takes great pride in producing the finest recycled products for our Commercial and Residential landscaper and municipal customers.


GreenRock provides several types of mulch. Our chemical-free colored mulches provide a very rich appearance that holds its color throughout the seasons. Our natural hardwood root mulch provides a non-chemical alternative for plants and landscaping and a rich, natural appearance. (Delivery available)


This organic fertilizer has a deep brown color that resists fading, promotes healthy soil activity, i.e. earthworms and beneficial microbes, protects plants from stress during arid portions of the growing season to ensure against drought damage and enhances your soil’s natural resistance to fungi like artillery (shotgun) spores, pesky mushrooms, molds and other undesirable growths.


Dried screened topsoil. Our topsoil is processed using ½ inch screens to produce a rich product for all your landscape and garden needs.

RCA (Crushed Concrete, Brick, Block)

Made at a 1.5 inch minus. Can be used for building pads, Tracking pads, Road base, Trench backfill.


This product is a great sub-base for paved driveways, building pads or can be used as a base material for placing a shed.

Decorative Stone

Decorative Stone: Quarry Process (QP), 3/8” River Stone & 1” River Stone, 3/4″ Red Stone, 3/8″ Red stone, 1-3″ River Round Stone, 3/4″ Clean Stone, Screenings and Mason Sand.

Shale and Fill

All GreenRocks’ Shale and Fill is Certified Clean.

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